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Sue Braunwald's testimonial after 3 Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique sessions.  
James W. Murphy PC, Elite Master Animal B.E.S.T. trainer and horse trainer

 Welcome friends, Animal BEST clients and future Animal BEST clients.

My name is James Murphy and I’ve been involved in teaching Animal Bio Energetic Synchronization     Technique (B.E.S.T) since 2008. I finished the Certification process, advanced and completed the   Mastery Level, and am now a BEST practitioner and Trainer of Animal BEST all over the United States.

Now that you know a little about me let me take a minute to tell you about a very accomplished and motivated person and her Animal BEST abilities. This person is Susan Swazey. I’ve known Susan since the beginning of her endeavors to become an Animal BEST practitioner.

I have been privileged to have been involved personally with her training process and education. I was there every minute as she learned the basic principles in the Certification process. This process encompassed hours of extensive classroom training. . This training program included an animal and practitioner safety class. Equine history and psychology was discussed in depth to understand why the horse does certain things. Aspects of good health including nutrition and water intake were taught. The horse anatomy was discussed to help realize the problems that can be solved and benefits of the BEST program. Then the hands-on training began. She spent hours learning how to use the practical aspects while mastering her knowledge on my own personal horses Patches (King Palis Royal Dividendo) and King (King, Smooth, & Easy). Her ability to immediately set a rapport of calm and cooperation with the animals has made her a wonderful practitioner. With horses we all know if they do not trust you then you will not be able to treat  them.

Susan continued her training to include the Mastery program with additional advanced training, practicum, and practical hands-on evaluations and treatments. Mastery level is the most advanced training available.

In my time watching Susan as she progressed through the Certification and Mastery training I can undoubtedly say that she is a remarkable person that knows her trade and is passionate about improving the health of animals.

The benefits you and your animals will receive will be far more than you could imagine.

Your animals are in good hands with Susan treating them.