Heartfelt Endeavors
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Getting to the heart
of your desires
Susan D Swazey, Owner
Optimal Health Coach
Elite Master Morter Health Systems
Elite Master Animal B.E.S.T. practitioner
EMF Balancing Technique, Teacher/Practitioner
Tera Mai Reiki/Seichem, Teacher/Practitioner
ACE personal Trainer
AEA water aerobics instructor
Zumba / Zumba Gold Instructor
​Core Energy Life coach, CPC

About Heartfelt Endeavors
​From my heart to yours I bring  over 25 years of experience in energy work of various types and in health and nutrition, to enable you to be the best that you can be.  

What are your values, what are your beliefs how are they serving you and your goals, desires and dreams?  

What is keeping you from playing big, being happy, healthy and wealthy.
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Committed to helping people achieve their dreams
"Only you can be you, do not let others design your life.  Design your own and make the rules so you always win with no harm to self or others."

Susan Swazey 

I believe the proof is always in the pudding so to speak.  I am like most people who stray away from who they really are then come back into focus of what their about and get back on track. The collage above is from November 22, 2021 in the pink shirt and the yellow shirt is from May 22, 2022. Making the DECISION to improve ones self is the main thing that changes your life and then, just putting one foot in front of the other is what keeps you moving toward your goals.  I love coaching and helping other to have an optimal life!